Freeware "Swiss Army Knife" for special short messages

PanuWorld FLASHMSG allows you to send special short messages with your phone. You do not need the computer after storing the useful templates and messages in your SIM with the FLASHMSG. The messages are able to be displayed directly on the recipient's display (class 0 messages), contain blinking characters, or to turn different symbols on and off on the display of your phone. The newest features include messages that are visible only on some phones, void messages that just play the message alert tone and vibration before disappearing, the possibility to create phonebook entries with blinking characters, and manager for operator logo messages that allows saving several logos on the SIM for later use.

Short instructions for the basic features of PanuWorld FLASHMSG. Read also the detailed instructions by pausing the mouse pointer on each item in the FLASHMSG window.

Lisätietoja kolmesta erikoisviestien perustyypistä: luokan 0 ("flash"), vilkku- ja symboliviesteistä. PanuWorld FLASHMSGille ei ole olemassa täydellisiä suomenkielisiä ohjeita. Lue englanninkieliset ohjeet yllä olevasta linkistä.

Phone compatibility information, free PanuWorld FLASHMSG downloading (the only place to get always the newest version). Check the About box to see if you have the newest build.

Instructions for using this very old software with modern (as of 2009) phones (e.g. Nokia N-Series, E-Series). Most of the PanuWorld FLASHMSG functions are still working. 

Some tips for connecting the phone to the PanuWorld FLASHMSG. It should not be tricky but there are so many combinations of Windowses, cables, IR, and phone models, so exact intructions cannot be given.

Useful (blinking) character-based messages in PanuWorld FLASHMSG file format. Use these as such or modify them further. Send your own useful messages to the FLASHMSG Gallery!

Some answers to common problems and questions on PanuWorld FLASHMSG.

Application allows you to send the messages directly without leaving them in the SIM memory. Also typing and sending regular and class 0 SMS messages on the PC is possible with basic phonebook support. You can now save your messages and drafts also on the PC disk for later use. - Everything this is FREE, no shareware fees!

This program uses standard GSM commands for communicating with the phone, so it is not only for Nokia phones. New phones of any brand with data capabilities will work with FLASHMSG. However, some of the functions of the application are brand-specific, for example the bug in some Nokia phones that allow creating blinking and hidden messages. See the download page to see what features of your non-Nokia phone have been reported to work with FLASHMSG. If not yet reported - try it!

2.9.2009 -
No email support or answers to technical questions.

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