Modern phones (e.g. Nokia N-Series, E-Series)

While writing this (see date at the bottom of the page), more than six years have been elapsed since last information update on PanuWorld FLASHMSG software. The newest build of the software is almost seven years old. Also, some of the most exiting special features (e.g. blinking messages) does not work on modern phones and are therefore useless.

However, few days ago I needed to send a class 0 message and I tried to find a method to do it with a Nokia E90 Communicator. For some strange reason, I opened PanuWorld FLASHMSG and noticed that the modern Nokia PC Connectivity Solution drivers are still compatible with the application!

That's why I decided to write these short instructions how to use PanuWorld FLASHMSG with current phones.

Finding out the COM port number

PanuWorld FLASHMSG works with any phone providing standardized GSM/3G modem interface. Such interface must be provided as a virtual COM port in Windows so that it can be selected in PanuWorld FLASHMSG.

  1. To set up the virtual modem COM port on your PC, download, install, and configure the Nokia PC Suite software for your phone. (Nokia PC Connectivity Solution driver package may be enough, too).
  2. Connect the phone to the PC with your preferred method (I have tested USB connection only but Bluetooth and IR may work, too). Do not select the data transfer mode for USB.
  3. Open Phone and Modem Options in the Windows Control Panel and open the Modems tab. The virtual COM port number of the phone is shown there (see picture).
  4. Select the port in the PanuWorld FLASHMSG and go! 

I have tested this with Nokia E90 Communicator and corresponding USB cable. Nokia PC Suite version was

Functions working with modern phones

Note that all of the PanuWorld FLASHMSG functions do not work correctly with modern phones. However, surprisingly many of the functions still work. If you try to use the obsolete functions, PanuWorld FLASHMSG reports a communication error, nothing more dramatic happens.

Some of the PanuWorld FLASHMSG functions depend on the recipient's phone model. Such functions work even with modern phones if the recipient of the special message is  using an old Nokia phone (from late 1990's or early 2000's).

* This compatibility table probably applies to other modern Nokia phones, too.
PanuWorld FLASHMSG function Nokia E90
as the local phone
Nokia E90
as the recipient
Normal text messages OK OK
Class 0 messages OK OK
Hidden messages OK NG
Messages with blinking characters OK NG
Indicator control messages OK OK
Void messages OK NG
Operator logo messages OK OK
Saving messages to SIM for later forwarding NG
(send immediately instead)
Find recipient in phonebook when sending NG
(specify phone number instead)
Specifying short message center number OK -
Delivery reports NG -
Class 0 templates NG -
Blinking phonebook entries NG -

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