FLASHMSG message gallery

The newest versions of the PanuWorld FLASHMSG support also saving and opening messages as files on the PC disks. This functionality is available via the File menu when the "(Blinking) Messages" tab is visible. By using this feature, you can create message templates or drafts for future use. It allows also exchanging the message files on Internet sites.

This FLASHMSG gallery is the page for your fine messages, with character animation, with blinking, etc. All files here are compatible with PanuWorld FLASHMSG. To use them, drop the RTF file from Windows Explorer onto the "(Blinking) messages" tab or use File/Open in the PanuWorld FLASHMSG menu.

Season's greetings

Friendship and love

Suomeksi (in Finnish)

Post your message

If you have a better idea, please develop a message further and send your version to the FLASHMSG gallery! Send also your completely new ideas here.

To post your message on this gallery, save it with the PanuWorld FLASHMSG Save As function into a Rich Text Format file. Send the RTF file as an email attachment to NuukiaWorld. I will add them here very unregularly, so please be patient.

Note that only files saved with PanuWorld FLASHMSG are accepted in this gallery.

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