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Phone/System requirements

PanuWorld FLASHMSG requires a phone with a standard interface to the computer. Some phones may require special cables and/or additional software (like Nokia Data Suite) to create a standard ME/TA interface

The program has been tested by the PanuWorld/NuukiaWorld on Windows NT 4.0 (Service Pack 5/6a) with Nokia 6110 and Nokia Data Suite 2.0 (see note on the troubleshooting page) & 3.0. The functions are tested in Sonera and Radiolinja networks. Third-party volunteers has tested this application successfully with Windows 95 and Windows 98 using standard IR connection to Nokia 7110, 8210, 8850, and 6210 (IR on Windows 2000/XP works also but requires IrCOMM2k drivers). Successful operation with the DLR-3 cable and Nokia 6210 & 7110 has been reported, especially after build 2.11.2000. Nokia 3210, 3310, and 3330 users can use this application with an FBUS-cable and Nokia Data Suite 3.0. Nokia 6190, one of the GSM 1900 phones supporting Nokia Data Suite has been also tested successfully with the PanuWorld FLASHMSG.

A new phone will work also, like nokia 6310i, However it does not support blinking messages but class 0 and normal messages can be sent using the application. Note that any Nokia PC Suites and Nokia Status Managers etc. must be closed to before using FLASHMSG.

Indicator control messages and normal/class 0 messages have been reported (by third parties) to work also with Siemens s35i, c35i, me45, and s45 (see the troubleshooting page). I have been informed that class 0 messages are working on Siemens c35i and m50 (you can also send the class 0 template to Nokia phones), and probably also on other Siemens phones in 25...55 serieses (thanks to Macce). If you have used PanuWorld FLASHMSG functions successfully on other Windowses and/or with other phones, please inform NuukiaWorld.

Download PanuWorld FLASHMSG (Built: 17.10.2002)

Requires Nokia Data SuiteTM if used with Nokia 3200/3300/5100/6100 series phones. Read the software license in the About dialog before use. Zipped EXE file (200 kB).

Just delete the FLASHMSG.EXE file to uninstall this software. However, PanuWorld FLASHMSG saves recently entered phone numbers and other settings into the Windows registry. To delete also those entries from the registry, download and double-click this cleaner file.

Download Nokia Cellphone font

Create messages with exactly same font as on your Nokia phone (most models)! Install this TTF file to the Control Panel/Fonts folder and select the "Nokia Cellphone FC" font in FLASHMSG's File/Font... window. This font is drawn by Zeh Fernando ( Zipped TTF file (7 kB).

Latest changes

- 31.5.2004
Updated Nokia Cellphone font to version 2.2. (PanuWorld FLASHMSG application itself not changed.)
- 26.3.2003
Updated downloadable Nokia Cellphone font to version 2.0. Thanks to Zeh for this more precise version of the font! (PanuWorld FLASHMSG application itself not changed.)
Minor performance enhancements when editing blinking things.
Removed finally all own RTF parsing functions. This solves problems with incorrect character count and incorrect blinking with some messages on some computers.
- 15.10.2002
Added possibility to select any font for the (Blinking) Messages sheet. Now FLASHMSG is able to strip all unneeded rich text formatting when opening or pasting files from some other origin. Blinking characters are now marked only with red color (no underlining). Does not ignore any (exotic) ISO-Latin-1 characters anymore. Accented characters not supported by the GSM default alphabet (used with normal messages) are now replaced with best matching letter (not randomly anymore).
- 23.6.2002
Removed incorrect MCC/MNC code example (DNA, Finland) from logo message tooltips.
- 26.5.2002
Added operator logo message manager functions. Now you can save your operator logos on the SIM easily for later forwarding.
- 16.4.2002
Fixed problem with blinking messages in Windows XP: all characters after the first marked character blinked on the phone.

(Older changes were not tracked. The first PanuWorld FLASHMSG build was published in 1998.)

31.5.2004 -
No email support or answers to technical questions.

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