The Nokia Network Monitor


The Network monitor is a mode used for testing the Nokia phone and the network. In the test mode the operator name (logo) and other information on the main display are replaced by various test displays. The mode is available in most mass production Nokia GSM phones.

These pages are written for Nokia 6110 Network monitor. However, Netmonitor activation and test displays are similar in all DCT3 generation phones, so this information applies also to 5110, 6150, 3210, 3310, etc...

Activation of the monitor

The activation the Network monitor is made without opening the phone by using PC software. One good freeware application for activating the Net Monitor menu is N-Monitor by Anderas Schmidt. N-Monitor requires an FBUS cable. It activates the menu item automatically after successful connection.

- After activation Net monitor can selected in the main menu of the phone. Select it and type 01 to Test. (Typing 00 disables the test displays, but leaves the Net monitor in the main menu.)
- After this also arrow keys can be used for scrolling through the test displays.
In some of the displays there are manually selectable options. To change them press Menu - (up arrow) - Select - OK at the display.

Removing the monitor with the phone

The Net monitor menu may be removed completely from the phone just by going to the Test prompt in the phone, typing 241, and pressing OK. Remember that you cannot reactivate the menu with the phone.

Typing 242 to the prompt removes all tests but tests numbered 1...19 permanently (i.e. enters operator network monitor).

Disadvantages of the test mode

When the test displays are active, the phone functions normally, but the following disturbs using it:

- The number, name or caller group graphic will not be displayed when phone receives a call,
- the operator name or logo and selected profile (and other normal indicators) are not displayed,
- you cannot edit the phone numbers entered or picked from messages at all,
- the short code memory cannot be accessed by pressing the arrow keys, but only by pressing Names (or Menu in the 51xx-series),
- dialed numbers are available only via the menu (51xx-series), and
- the battery consumption is slightly higher.

You can still leave the Net monitor item in the menu, just disable the displays by typing 0 to the Test prompt to avoid these annoyances.

Some examples of the tests

The link above contains some information of the interesting (and "useful") readings of the Network monitor.

Hold the * key down for a few seconds to view help display for the test. You can scroll the help display like the test displays with the arrow keys. To go back to the test display, press and hold * again. (Help displays are not available in all phones. Usually they are found in 5110 and 6150 phones. 6110s usually miss them.)

Monitor without any SIM card or PIN code

Phone starts network and internal measurements immediately after powering up. However, without a SIM card and valid PIN code you cannot access the Network monitor as the phone menu is unavailable. Therefore only way to look at the network monitor without a SIM card is to connect the phone PC and use for example N-Monitor application to browse the test displays.

Note that when there is no SIM card in the phone, the phone is not tied to one specified network. You may found base stations that are not visible during normal operation.

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