Superscript and subscript buttons for Excel 2003/2007/2010/2013/2016

Add the missing formatting buttons / keyboard shortcuts to your Microsoft® Excel®

Now with Undo, standard keyboard shortcut combinations, and seamless operation on Office 365 with built-in superscript and subscript!

Most Microsoft Excel users have noted that it is very frustrating to use superscript or subscript formatting in Microsoft Excel. Such formatting has not available on any toolbar or ribbon tab for more than twenty years and even adding them there by customizing the toolbars/ribbon has not been possible. The only way to use superscript and subscript effects has been going through the Format Cells dialog each time you needed to change the style.

There are several macros and add-ins available in the Internet that try to solve this shortage of Microsoft Excel. Many simple macro-based buttons allow only the whole cell to be formatted in superscript or subscript, which is basically useless! Other popular ones provide awful custom "edit dialog" with superscript and subscript buttons. However, that kind of approach has poor usability in daily use.

(Although Office 365® subscribers finally got these ribbon buttons with Microsoft Excel version 1704, they still lack the corresponding keyboard shortcuts that have been available on other Microsoft Office® applications for decades.)

The solution

If you are not on Office 365 subscription or miss the handy keyboard shortcuts, install PanuWorld's original ExcelSuperSubToolbar add-in. It does just the things listed below and nothing more — do not bloat your Excel with tens of add-on functions that you do not actually use.

Superscript and Subscript Buttons for Microsoft Excel (version 1.5.2) (ZIP, 352 kB)
Run this setup program to install the add-in and restart Microsoft Excel to get the new toolbar/ribbon buttons and keyboard shortcuts.
This add-in is not available for 64-bit versions of Microsoft Excel.

The new buttons work like the built-in Superscript and Subscript buttons in Microsoft Word® and Microsoft PowerPoint®: for example, they reflect the text style of the current selection or insertion point. Buttons can be used to format not only entire cells but also change the text style during in-cell editing (while changing the cell contents, a.k.a. edit mode).

As a bonus, the add-in adds Symbol Font function familiar to Microsoft Word users: just press the toolbar/ribbon button (or the shortcut key combination, see below) and the next letter you type will use the Symbol font. After that, the previous font is automatically restored. It is very handy way to type e.g. formulas containing Greek letters.

You can also use keyboard shortcuts to access the new functions. The shortcuts have been selected to match the corresponding shortcut defaults on Microsoft Word:

For Insert Cells, use Ctrl++ on the numeric keypad instead.
For Calculate All, use F9 instead.
Symbol Font

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