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Welcome to NuukiaWorld. NuukiaWorld is a web site containing miscellaneous tips and tricks for Nokia mobile phones (some of the contents, like PanuWorld FLASHMSG, can be used also with other GSM phones). Most of the articles are written for Nokia 6110 and similar phones.

NuukiaWorld is a part of the portal site called panuworld “your firabel solution provider„ ( PanuWorld consist of three major parts: this site NuukiaWorld, the largest unofficial Arja Koriseva* site ArjaWorld, and the PanuWorld portal itself containing miscellaneous articles and tools. All these three sites are currently absolutely uncommercial.


The history of NuukiaWorld name started in 1998, when I decided to separate the Nokia-related documents in my PanuWorld site to a separate sub-site. This sub-site inherited the well-known colors from the original PanuWorld site (bright white-red-green background). May be the horrible colors were one reason for that the NuukiaWorld is known all over the world.

The name "NuukiaWorld" is simply a play on words. Word Nokia, actually the name of the city where Nokia Corporation was founded in 1889, is pronounced with a short 'o' in Finnish. The word with the double-u is pronounced in Finnish almost like 'Nokia' is pronounced in Swedish (with a stressed 'u' vocal). NuukiaWorld's name has nothing to do with the pronunciation of word Nokia in Finnish.

Use the address to access the NuukiaWorld. You can also use author's permanent IKI-address that will redirect you to the NuukiaWorld site.


NuukiaWorld is served as a low-priority hobby. Therefore we cannot guarantee the continuous availability of the NuukiaWorld site. New contents is added only occasionally. Because NuukiaWorld's author is still satisfied with his Nokia 6110, there will be no clear reason to start writing articles for newer Nokia phones.

NuukiaWorld tries to keep up its image as a reliable information source. All tips and tricks published (if not mentioned otherwise) in the NuukiaWorld have been carefully tested by me with my own Nokia 6110. However, the theoretical things are mainly guessed by measurements and reverse-engineering, therefore NuukiaWorld cannot guarantee that kind of information.

NuukiaWorld itself has no relations to the Nokia Corporation. However, the author is a shareholder of Nokia Corporation but this fact does not affect the NuukiaWorld contents. We do not accept piracy, so we do not send licenced software like Nokia Data Suite, copyrighted documentation like phone service manuals, or links to sites distributing them. All trademarks and registered trademarks mentioned are acknowledged, and are owned by their respective owners.

* Arja Koriseva is a Finnish "pop" singer.

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