Flashing Nokia phones

Update your phone and add new features

Nowadays you can reprogram your Nokia phone at home. By flashing a new software version some bugs in the phone may be fixed. You may even customize the firmware by adding your own features and applications in your phone.

CAUTION: This tutorial applies only to Nokia's DCT-3 (Digital Cellular Telephone, generation 3) phones. DCT-3 phones have monochrome graphic display, usually of size of 84 x 48 pixels (larger sizes exists, too). The most well-known DCT-3 GSM phones are Nokia 5110, 6110, 6150, 7110, 8210, 3210, 3310, 3330, etc. The software and hardware required to reprogram other (newer) Nokia phones are different. Do not try to reprogram your color-display Nokia phone using these instructions.

The built-in software of Nokia phones is saved in a FLASH memory chip. FLASH memory can be erased and reprogrammed (usually at least 100000 times). To allow easy phone updates in the service centers, opening the phone is not necessary to reprogram the FLASH memory. Using a special "flasher" cable between a regular PC and the phone is enough.

1. Build a flasher cable
First you need to build cable to connect the parallel port of your PC to the phone.
2. Find the flashing software
Then you need to find a flashing software and understand its functions.
3. Backup and update the phone
Finally your are able to back up the old firmware and reprogram the phone with a new one.
4. Customize your phone software
Updating the software has no sense if you do not have any flash files.
CAUTION: Trying to modify the built-in firmware of a mobile phone may render it practically unrepairable. This applies especially to phones that do not have a separate EEPROM chip for settings and calibrations (e.g. most Nokia 3xxx phones). Before trying to update the flash memory, you need to understand the functions of your flashing program and the whole flashing process, including any checksum updates required. NuukiaWorld does not give any support in flashing-related questions.

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