NuukiaWorld project:
FBUS & MBUS adapters

8. Pictures

Picture 8.1. Finished NuukiaWorld dual-mode adapter connected to a Nokia 6110. The adapter box is wired to a three-pin connector connected to a small socket in the headset connector. This allows disconnecting the adapter and so the headset can be still used normal way.

  Picture 8.2. A prototype of the NuukiaWorld FBUS-only adapter replacing the original NDS cable. A temporary connector to Nokia 6110 has been made of cardboard and plastic box.

© Pat Suwalski. Published with permission.

Picture 8.4. A NuukiaWorld dual-mode adapter built by Pat Suwalski.

Picture 8.3. A finished NuukiaWorld dual-mode adapter. The location of R3 has been changed after this.

Picture 8.5. A NuukiaWorld MAX232 FBUS adapter built by Fabio Saitta. He use it successfully with Nokia 6310i and Oxigen.

© Fabio Saitta. Published with permission.

Picture 8.6. A NuukiaWorld dual-mode adapter in a box. The need for many phone connectors is eliminated by building a Nokia 6110 -7-pin DIN adapter cable. The adapter box has only an inexpensive 7-pin DIN socket.

Picture 8.7. The Nokia Data SuiteTM 2.0 monitor window while testing a NuukiaWorld FBUS-only adapter. If your operator supports this feature, you can also make data calls with a NuukiaWorld FBUS adapter as you can do with your original NDS cable.

Picture 8.9. A NuukiaWorld super-miniature FBUS/MBUS adapter cable with connector box opened. Please note the simple and professional look when the connector is closed.

Picture 8.8. A prototype version of the super-miniature dual-mode adapter based on MAX3221CAE. There have been minor enhancements in the circuit board layout after this version.  

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The basic tests have been done with the Nokia Data SuiteTM 2.0 and Nokia Data SuiteTM 3.0, Nokia Logo Express, LogoManager demo version, a Nokia 5110, a Nokia 6110, a Nokia 6130 and a Nokia 6150.

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