RPN Calculator

Replacement for the built-in calculator of Nokia phones

RPN Calculator is NuukiaWorld's first NokiX application. It has been developed on a Nokia 6110 phone but it should work on any phone that the standard NokiX script are able to process. (In some cases you will need a newer firmware of your phone to make it NokiX compatible, for example, Nokia 6110 V5.24 ROM4 does not work.) Note that a NokiX script may require some specific version of the NokiX's official scripts -- check the required version before installing.

Because the RPN calculator contains equivalents of all functions of the built-in calculator (including the currency functions), you can replace the built-in calculator in the phone main menu with RPN calculator. You will not lose any functionality.

Download RPN Calculator 1.50
Compiled to work with NokiX Scripts snapshot 6.10.2006. Developed using NokiX SDK V2 (not using the newest NokiX development environment available on SourceForge). Includes the full source code published under GNU Public License.

RPN Calculator screen shots
Some screen shots of RPN Calculator.

RPN Calculator menu map
Summary of RPN calculator functions.

Optional script parameters:

Note that all of the following files must be present in order to process the script in NokiX: rpn_calculator.nrx, rpn_calculator_ppm.txt, constants.rx, constants_ppm.txt, convert_units.rx, and convert_units_ppm.txt. If you get an error message in NokiX, check that you are not missing any of these files.

For complete list of operators, functions and options, see the menu map, the instructions in beginning of the main file, rpn_calculator.nrx, or click the Help button in NokiX when RPN Calculator is activated in the project list.

CAUTION: Trying to modify the built-in firmware of a mobile phone may make it practically unrepairable. This applies especially to phones that does not have a separate EEPROM chip for settings and calibrations (e.g. most Nokia 3xxx phones). Before trying to update the flash memory, you need to understand the functions of your flashing program and the whole flashing process, including any checksum updates required. NuukiaWorld does not give any support in flashing-related questions.

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