Wall calendar generator

Design your calendar with any web pictures

This unique wall calendar generator enables you to design and print out your own calendar based on pictures available in the web. There is no need to install anything, just use your web browser as it is.

You need to search the web for twelwe images required by your calendar. Look at the instructions below to understand how to copy the addresses (URLs) of the pictures onto this calendar generator page.

This calendar tool is designed to use pictures from the web. Using your own digital images (which are stored on your own computer) is also possible but it is not so straightforward. See the end of this page for instructions.

Suomalaiset juhlapyhät osaavan seinäkalenterityökalun löydät ArjaWorldista!

Image addresses (URLs or local file paths)
Replace the examples with your own image addresses
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Highlighted days Calendar texts
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Monday January
Tuesday Tuesday February
Wednesday Wednesday March
Thursday Thursday April
Friday Friday May
Saturday Saturday June
Sunday Sunday July
Week starts on Week number 1 September
Saturday Starts on Jan 1 October
Sunday First 4-day week * November
Monday * First full week December
* Select to number weeks according to the international standard (ISO 8601)

Collecting the image addresses from the web

Search for large images, otherwise the picture may look "coarse" in the printed calendar. To copy the image addresses onto this page, follow the instructions below.

1. After finding a suitable image on a web page, click it with the right-hand button of your mouse. Select Properties, select the contents of the URL field, and right-click again on the top of the marked text and select Copy. (See picture.)

(Note: If you are using a Firefox browser, simply right-click on the image and select Copy Image Location.)

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2. Return back to this calendar generator page and paste the URL by using the right-hand mouse button on the month you wish (see picture below).

3. Repeat this until you have found images for all twelwe months. After that, just click on the preview button to see and print your unique wall calendar!

Using digital images from your own computer

This calendar tool is designed to use web images. In order to use your own digital images, you must know slightly more about your computer (directory path where the pictures are stored).

  1. Store the images for your calendar in a folder on your computer. Choose a folder whose directory path you know.
  2. Try to refer to a picture in format drive/directory/path/filename (see picture)
    NB! Directory paths on Linux and Mac computers look different.
  3. Use the preview button to see if the picture is loaded correctly in the calendar. Please select Open if asked when opening the preview window.
  4. Check the directory path if the picture is not loaded correctly.
  5. If the first picture works, you can copy the directory path to the other months and change the file names as needed. After selecting pictures for all months, click the preview button to see and print your unique wall calendar!

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