Commodore 64 games

PanuWorld's best games from 1980's

In 1980's I spent most of my time by programming games and other applications for Commodore 64 personal computer. Most of those programs have not had any use since then. Nowadays normal desktop PCs are able to emulate Commodore 64 completely in real-time, so I decide to put some of my best games on this page. Try them if you want!

To play these games, you will need a real Commodore 64 computer or a emulator, e.g. Frodo.

Bit of pipe is the only game that has earned me money. It has been published in MikroBITTI's (a major Finnish home computing magazine) five-year anniversary issue in May 1989 as a program listing. The version on this page is the same as the original published one but has separated graphics and machine code files for starter startup.

Bit of pipe (1989)

A pipe puzzle game. There has been several variations on this game idea but this may be the first of this kind.

"An explosion has ruined a pipeline on the chemical plant. You are the only who can prevent the disaster and build an temporary connection through the explosion area. However, the pipe pieces are so heavy that you cannot carry them around: the only thing you can do is rotating the pipe pieces in place and try building a solid pipeline that way. The larger amount of fluid is collected, the larger will be your score."

Hint: Try to build a solid pipeline first. Do not connect the fluid flow into it before it is ready enough. Letting the fluid flow freely results is huge loss of the fluid.

Game controls (joystick, port 2)

Download link

The original Bit of pipe is now available also for Nokia DCT-3 mobile phones! See the NokiX pages in the NuukiaWorld site for details.

Sauna (1989)

A sauna computer game. Probably the only one of its kind in the world. The target is to keep the sauna up so that the persons visiting the room are as satisfied as possible. Each person has their own preferences about the löyly (steam) and the temperature. Of course you may need to satisfy a heavy sauna-fan and a novice simultaneously.

There will be twenty randomly chosen persons visiting the sauna and you will earn one point for each satisfied person leaving the sauna. If a visitor is almost satisfied but not enough, he may ask for vastominen (slapping with the sauna whisk). If you have time to slap him fast enough, then he be satisfied.

Hints: Note the slow response of the sauna temperature after adding wood to the kiuas (stove). Throwing water on the stove has quicker response but it adjusts different parameter, namely the steam inside the sauna. You need to control those two parameters simultaneously according to the visitors' preferences.

Game controls (joystick, port 2)

Download link

Key game

A platform game. Collect seven keys to complete the level. Keys are teleported from place to place all the time, which makes finding them more difficult. Each key must be found in the specified time.

The platform consist of cells on different heights. Note that your ship is able jump upward only one level at a time. Falling down is safe unless you fall into a hole in the platform.

Hint: There are six levels. The level 3 looks like the level 1. However, those cells that were open in level 2 are fake on level 3. So be careful, there is not so many directions to go on level 3.

Game controls (joystick, port 2)

Download link

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