PanuWorld FileTime

Adjust the timestamps of your digital photos

When you organize your digital photos in folders in Windows, at least in old Windowses you can see only the Modification date and time of your images in the Windows Explorer.

However, the file creation timestamp would be more informative because it usually shows the moment when the camera created the image file. In other words, the shooting moment!

PanuWorld's FileTime is a Win32 command line tool that changes file modification timestamp to match the creation timestamp. After applying FileTime to your image folders, you can see the shooting data and time directly in the Windows Explorer.

To process a folder, you can simply drop it from Windows Explorer onto FileTime application or shortcut.

Processed image copies

If you process your images for example in Adobe PhotoShop, you usually create a new folder for the processes images. Therefore the processed images will have the creation timestamp showing the processing date.

With PanuWorld's FileTime, you can also copy the creation timestamp from the original images to the processed images.

Command line instructions

Resets file creation and modification time stamps.

FILETIME [drive:]path [[drive:]originalpath] [/S]

              Directory of files to modify.
              Directory containing files with original creation time stamps
  /S          Modifies files in specified directory and all subdirectories

If original file directory is not specified, the modification time of the
file(s) will be reset to the creation time. Otherwise a file with same name
is searched in the original file directory (and if /S is specified, in all
subdirectories), and the target file creation and modification time is reset
to the creation date of that original file.

Download PanuWorld FileTime

Zipped EXE file (source code included), 39 kB.

FileTime is a freeware tool provided by PanuWorld.

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