NuukiaWorld WAP service

Visit NuukiaWorld with your mobile phone

You can easily download free ringtones from NuukiaWorld's WAP service.

NuukiaWorld WAP service can be browsed with any WAP-enabled mobile phone. The service is optimized for both black/white and colour displays. Currently the service contains only free downloadable MIDI versions of NuukiaWorld's ringtones listed on the ringtone page.

To access the NuukiaWorld WAP pages, check that the WAP service has been enabled on your mobile phone. Then just "go to" simple address with your phone and select "NuukiaWorld" link on the PanuWorld main page.

Please note that the ringtones available in the WAP service are in MIDI format - they can be downloaded only to phones supporting MIDI ringtones, for example to "polyphonic" Nokia phones. (The ringtones were originally arranged for old Nokia phones -- they are actually monophonic. However, their free versions can be downloaded from WAP only to "polyphonic" phones!)

9.11.2003 -
No email support or answers to technical questions.

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