NuukiaWorld Wallpaper Generator

Create your own unique mobile wallpapers

This unique tool enables you to create your own wallpapers for your mobile phone. Choose a suitable image from the web, process it here, and finally download it in your phone, free of charge (only your normal data transfer rates apply). Downloading to Nokia and other phones is possible if the phone has a built-in WAP (Services) or Web-browser.

Täysin vastaavan suomenkielisen taustakuvantekosivun löydät ArjaWorldista!

  1. Search the web for a suitable picture. Note that you cannot use pictures from your computer unless you first upload them on a web server.
  2. Copy the address (URL) of the image itself to the field below and click Load Image. (To see the URL of an image on a web page, right-click it and select Properties.)
  3. Select the resolution of your phone display.
  4. Adjust the cropping of the image and finally click Create Wallpaper.
Image address (URL)
Replace the address of the example image with your own
Rotation Gamma correction
Image effect 1 Image effect 2
Phone display Border area color
Test different choices if you do not know the resolution of your phone
Show advanced options
Cropping Choose the area to be included in your wallpaper

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