NuukiaWorld's memory game

The real Nokia memory game

Welcome to play NuukiaWorld's online memory game. Try to find the matching cards. Select the level using the controls below. You will see your score after the game - the scoring system is the same as in old Nokia mobile phones (like 6150).

Note: In order to play the game you need to specify a URL to the XML file containing phone model data (see below). A suitable XML file can be found for example at (not guaranteed, copy-paste in the box below to test).

XML picture list URL:  - Card:  -  Level:  

Important note: All pictures used in the game are loaded from the XML file you have typed above and their copyright depend on your picture source.

The following XML format for each phone model is expected:

	<productName>Product name</productName>
	<productSmallImageUrl>URL of the small image</productSmallImageUrl>
	<productImageUrl>URL of the medium image</productImageUrl>
	<productLargeImageUrl>URL of the large image</productLargeImageUrl>

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