Nokia screen saver with thermometer

Improved version of the Nokix screen saver

This improved version of Nokix's official screen_saver.nrx script allows displaying temperature* in the screen saver. The temperature display is fully configurable with the screen saver skin (definition) file. When using a plain graphics or animation, the temperature is automatically displayed if enough free space is left on the display. The default screen saver (analog clock and date) has also been updated to contain the temperature display.

To include the temperature display in your custom screen saver(s), add the command @temp in the skin file:

@temp left=<x> top=<y> font=<font> align=<align> [SHORT] [F] [XOR]

<x> <y>
the position of the temperature value on the display
name of the font (for example, "large/bold" or "small/plain")
"left", "center", or "right"
if specified, pixels drawn on black background will be white
if specified, the temperature display will not include the unit ('C or 'F)
if specified, the temperature is displayed in Fahrenheit (some values of the Fahrenheit scale are skipped because of the 1-Celsius resolution; it is not an error)

Because the this improved version of screen_saver.nrx is backward-compatible with the official version (1.9.5), you can directly replace the official screen_saver.nrx with this improved one. If you have already defined some screen savers in your Nokix project, they will work without any modifications.

Download Screen Saver with Thermometer 1.9.5+++
Compiled to work with Nokix Script snapshot 6.10.2006. Recompiling requires NokiX SDK V2. Includes the full source code published under GNU Public License.

Old official NokiX macro TIMERS.RX 1.9
If the power saving timeout is sometimes ignored in any NokiX screen saver, try downgrading the NokiX built-in timer code to old version 1.9: Copy the file TIMERS.RX in your nokix/scripts folder.

* The displayed temperature is the temperature of the phone battery. Because the phone does not generate much heat (unless the battery is being charged), the display follows the ambient temperature slowly. Do not heat the phone with your hand or body for a while to get more accurate readings.

CAUTION: Trying to modify the built-in firmware of a mobile phone may make it practically unrepairable. This applies especially to phones that does not have a separate EEPROM chip for settings and calibrations (e.g. most Nokia 3xxx phones). Before trying to update the flash memory, you need to understand the functions of your flashing program and the whole flashing process, including any checksum updates required. NuukiaWorld does not give any support in flashing-related questions.

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