Ford Focus digital speedometer

and other hidden features of the instrument cluster

The instrument cluster of Ford Focus is an intelligent module which communicates with the Powertrain Control Module and shows the data using its gauges and trip meter display. The cluster has a test mode for diagnostics use. This document lists the most understandable test displays.

To exit the instrument cluster test mode, just turn off the power (to position I or 0). The only thing what happens when you visit the test mode is that the trip meter will be reset.

Note that this document applies to the year 2004 model of Ford Focus. The tricks may work also on older Focuses but there may be differences in the displays / count of button presses required. This document does not apply to the new Ford Focus (2005-).

Gauge sweep

This way you can safely see your speedometer gauge showning 220 km/h! This "demostration mode" is activated by keeping the trip meter reset button pressed while turning the power on (to position II). Keep the button pressed until "tESt" is displayed on the trip meter LCD.

Diagnostics trouble codes (DTC)

You can check the onboard diagnostics trouble codes from the trip meter display. Just press the trip meter reset button six times (five times in Ford's documentation, may differ depending on the panel version) after the guage sweep. If everything has been okay in the engine, text "nonE" is displayed on the LCD.

Digital speedometer (mph + km/h)

A single press after the DTC display turns the trip meter into a digital speedometer in miles per hour (press the button once more to switch the digital speedometer to km/h). You will recognize the speedometer displays from the decimal point ("000.0").

With this feature you can test how odd is to drive (e.g. some French) cars with a digital speedometer -- however, must remember to enter the test mode again every time you start the car.

Digital tachometer (rpm)

Two presses more (one press only in Ford's documentation) on the digital km/h speedometer will display the digital tachometer. In this mode you see the engine speed even if your car is not equipped with the tachometer gauge?

Digital engine coolant temperature display (C)

Five presses more (only two presses in the documentation) displays the engine coolant temperature in degrees Celsius. You will recognize the temperature display from the letter "C" on the rightmost digit of the trip meter.

Battery voltage (V)

Pressing the reset button four times (only one press in the documentation) in the temperature display activates the integrated voltage meter. The voltage display begins with letter "b". Old cars had battery voltage gauges -- this way you can show the same information on your Focus dashboard.

This display can be used to eventually check the battery state when the car is parked in extreme conditions for a long time. (To access the test mode you do not need to start the engine, turning the key to position II is enough.)

Digital fuel volume display (trip computer only)

If you have the Focus trip computer, you can see the fuel volume in liters/gallons. You do not need to cycle the power off - on, just keep the "S" button of the trip computer pressed until an intermittent test tone starts. Then press the S button five times to see the fuel volume display.

Note that this digital fuel volume display has no filtering -- it changes immediately when you drive through a curve or tilt the car because the fuel moves in the tank.

To switch back to the normal trip computer displays, just press the normal "INFO" button.

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