PanuWorld InMile™

Speedometer and mileage indicator for inline skates

PanuWorld's most well-known project has been in developing a precise speedometer/mileage indicator device for very active skaters. The development has begun in 1993 and new generations of the prototypes are developed for each skating season.

Core features

Project status

The target of the InMile™ project has been redefined and nowadays the only target is to publish the technique and algorithms to the public domain some day in the future.

The business opportunities of the concept were already low at the beginning because of the technical difficulties of the sensor implementation and therefore high price. After cheap magnet-based indicators came onto the market, there were too small number of skaters left that would have been interested in easier-to-use sensor and more accurate distance calculation.

Finally, small GPS receivers have eaten almost the rest of the need during last few years.

Current prototype

Currently only one prototype exists anymore, which I personally use on all my skating trips. My personal target is now to "complete" against the GPS receivers used by the other skaters. - Small GPS receivers tend to flatten short-time peak speeds and have coverage problems in urban (& underground) and forest areas.

This my personal InMile™ prototype is now wireless and uses German CicloSport HAC5 Heartrate-Altimeter-Computer watch as the display unit. The HAC5 provides the heart rate, altimeter, & recording functions and tens of calculated variables based on the distance and speed received from the InMile™ main unit on the skate.

Compared to the most other sporting computers, CicloSport HAC5 is originally a bike computer, not a HRM, so it has extensive number of speed and distance-related functions that are not available on e.g. current Suunto and Polar products.

Future plans

My next subtarget is to redesign the main unit to use modern microcontroller (e.g. STM32) allowing more sophisticated algorithms and integrate the CicloSport BlueEye II wireless transmitter inside the box. (The current prototype is the old PIC12C508-based PanuWorld InMile™ 07 hardware with software version 09 with CicloSport transmitter on it with cable ties.)

To support the continuous development of the prototype, the software version number is a part of the model name. The current version numbering has been started from version 00 that was the original software of the "InMILE 2000".

More information

PanuWorld InMile™ 07
Obsolete web pages of the PanuWorld InMile™ 07 version.
inline skating route profiles
Some route profiles recorded with the current HAC5-based InMile™. Distance is measured with InMile™ technology and the altitude is measured with CicloSport technology.
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