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Home-made Arja Koriseva ties

This kind of ties you cannot buy

My three experimental Arja Koriseva ties.

Usually I use Arja ties in Arja events, although in some Arja happenings it is possible to see me without any tie. At this time, I have not seen any other ties decorated with Arja Koriseva pictures (unfortunately - -sigh-).

Tie 1

Released in Kapakanmäki, Tuulos at 9th of May 1997.

This tie contains only one photograph. It is taken at Riutanharju Dance Pavillon in Riihimäki 23th of April, 1994. The picture is quite fine although it is taken near the poorly illuminated back door.

In the tie you can see:

The background of the Arja is slightly darkened.

The grey car behind Arja is darkened very much to remove the reflection of the flash light.

Synthetic star dust is added to the upper part of the picture.

Solid red fill is to the backgroud starting from the bottom and fading out to the sky.

Radial white gradient is added behind Arja's chest to make her shine in the picture.

Overall contrast boosting is made for printing.

You may note the number plate of the Arja's car in the picture.

Tie 2

Released in Lahti City Theatre at 19th of September 1998 (The 2nd Arja Koriseva Fan Meeting).

This tie contains three (3) photographs, one half-length and two full-length portraits. The half-length one and the leftmost full-length one have been taken in Rönni in Orivesi 27th of June, 1998. This full-length potrait is exclusively taken for use in this new tie with Arjas kind assistance. The third one is taken in Kapakanmäki in Tuulos 26th of June, 1998.

In the tie you can see:

The upper part of the picture is imitating the pattern of the base tie. You can also see small diamond-shaped holes to the picture in this part.

The topmost picture is seen through a diamond-shaped hole in pattern. The upper border of the picture is faded to the pattern.

The backgrounds of the two full-length pictures are faded into each other and darkened slighty to emphasize Arja's fantastic body.

The leftmost full-length Arja is taken to the front of the red border line to make her beaultiful hairstyle completely visible.

Overall contrast boosting is made for printing.

Tie 3

Released in Samppalinna Summer Theatre at 22nd of June 2000 (The 3rd Arja Koriseva Fan Meeting).

This tie contains one large half-length portrait. The picture has been taken in the restaurant of Hotel Sommelo in Kuusankoski 22nd of January, 1999.

In the tie you can see:

There is scanned pattern of the base tie behind the picture.

The picture has been rotated 13 degrees clockwise to make it fit better in a narrow tie.

Overall contrast boosting and darkening has been made for printing.