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The oldest, the largest, but unofficial Arja Koriseva Internet site

ArjaWorld is a third-party Internet site for people interested in Arja Koriseva, a nice Finnish singer. This site is intended mainly for exchanging rumours and other unofficial information between Arja's fans. Co-operation helps us in keeping record of Arja's actions. But ArjaWorld has something unique for foreign visitors, too: this is the only source of Arja Koriseva information in English!


I founded ArjaWorld in the beginning of 1995 when I created the first version of my personal home pages. My home page was designed and is still designed partly just for testing and learning the Internet publishing. Because that time I had been an Arja Koriseva fan already for five years, the choice of subject was easy. Also there were no information on Arja in the Internet.

In the first years I was asking Arja's official fan club if they are going to build an official Internet site of Arja Koriseva. Now such site has been published (its address is www.arjakoriseva.fi). I am not competing against Arja's official site. Instead of it, ArjaWorld tries to be a complementary source of unofficial information and material.


I update this site in my free time. The contents of ArjaWorld is therefore rather versatile - everything that has been easy to publish in the Internet. Most of the material has been originally written for some other reason, then afterwards I had added them into ArjaWorld just to make other Arja fans happy. Why I should not have these easy-care pages if they can make somebody happy?

The contents of ArjaWorld gives a very positive image of Arja Koriseva. I have no reason to blame Arja, so you have to be critical about things you see here.

The most useful part of ArjaWorld for people interested in Arja is the link collection and the most up-to-date messages on the message board. Even from the beginning I have tried to have Arja pages also in English. The official Arja site is in Finnish only, you are lucky visiting ArjaWorld.


Naturally I thank Arja for everything fun she have given to her fans. I would like also to thank you for visiting my Arja Koriseva site - if you enjoy (or not) your visit, please send your comments using the feedback page.

Best regards,
ArjaWorld's host

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