Arja Koriseva in a nutshell

History and trivia

Arja Koriseva is a famous singer in Finland. Mainly Arja is known as a singer of Finnish tango and other music used in Finnish dance pavilions. However, the scale of music styles that Arja masters is naturally larger.

Arja is a pop music signer who has continuously trained her voice with a singing teacher. It is good practice and help her to sing tens of nights in a month. However, it is possible that Arja has lost some part of her original warm singing style.

See the "Audio clips" section on the ArjaWorld links page for samples of Arja's music. Unfortunately there are not so many clips available in the Internet. Due to the copyright fees ArjaWorld itself does not contain any downloadable songs.

Mrs. Arja Sinikka Koriseva-Karmala,
known as "Arja Koriseva"

Known or well-guessed facts

1989 (after 0 years of success)

1994 (after 5 years of huge success)

1999 (after 10 years of success)

2004 (after 15 years of success)

2009 (after 20 years of success)

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